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The SCARAB Sewage Treatment System is designed to remove all the wastewater from your septic tank, then with the unique “ACCELERATED OXYGENATION” technology, produces water which is as CLEAR as drinking water. This water is ODOURLESS and SAFE for re-use in your garden as irrigation, for ponds or outlet to storm water drainage or streams.

The SCARAB range of package treatment plants are South Africa’s most environmentally friendly and efficient method for treating domestic sewage. The Scarab Bio-Filter facilitates all the chemical and biological reactions needed to clean and disinfect your waste water for re-use, and very low maintenance and running costs are a key feature of the systems operation.

Scarab sewage treatment systems are easily installed and easy to operate and maintain. Scarab is listed with DWAF and recipient of the 2006 Bio2biz award. Just as in nature, the Scarab Treatment Plant is able to adapt to many different environments and may be put to use for the treatment and processing from less than 1 700 litres to over 1 million litres of domestic effluent in locations, such as: Eco Estates, Holiday Flats, Townhouse Complexes, Industrial Complexes, Schools, Camping Sites, Holiday Resorts, Hospitals, Small Towns, Clinics and Many Others.

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